Assignment 3
Final Collage
DUE DATE: Oct 8th


For your final photoshop project you will create a digital composition that serves a purpose. You may choose to make a graphic for a podcast, an album 1cover, a magazine story, an advertisement, etc. Just envision your design out in the world and being used in a real application. Create your composition in Adobe Photoshop, using the techniques, tools, and best practices covered in your tutorials and class demos. You may use any sort of imagery for this assignment — just make sure it is still from creative commons and public domain. You will be asked to combine images and lines/shapes, as well as work within a color scheme and use at least 2 design principles. Make sure you gather plenty of inspiration before you start working on your composition.

Project Requirements:  

You will create a digital composition using sourced images, shapes/line, and adobe photoshop. No text allowed.

Your project must use both images & lines/shapes.

Your project is created with and serves a purpose. (be prepared to talk about your choices)

Your project must have a color scheme. (from the color lecture in class)

Your project must make use of at least 2 design principles.

Class Are.na Channel
https://www.deweysaunders.com/ https://jamesdawe.co.uk/work https://identitydesigned.com/ https://www.elizabethzvonar.com/

Techniques/topics this project covers:

• Basics of Photoshop and relevant file formats
• Resolution, Pixels, and Image Size
• Lossy versus lossless file formats
• Resizing images
• Working with layers
• Making selections

(All files will be turned in via canvas)

~ Your finished Photoshop file with layers intact (file extension PSD). This design can either be square format (10x10in) or Rectangle (8x10in) format. File should be at 72 DPI.

~ Your finished file re-saved as a high resolution TIFF.

~ A word document with: a link to your are.na channel with inspiration you used for your assignment, a short 1 paragraph explanation of your work, and your source images