Welcome to DTC 201 ⏦

 ✿ An introduction to the tools and methods of production for multimedia authoring in digital contexts. Specifically, this course is an introduction to key Adobe Creative Cloud software as well as the concepts and methods of production. 

✿ ADOBE LOG IN FOR 201 STUDENTS: To access your free adobe account please go to https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud.html and sign in with your student ID. 

✿ This page will be continually updated with important annoucements as the semester progresses. Links to course content are at the bottom of every page. 

✿ Formal class time will take place via zoom every Tuesday & Thursday from 12:05 to 1:20 PM. Tuesdays will be lectures and class updates & Thursdays will be ‘lab time’ for program/project help, feedback, etc. ⌛︎ Please access the zoom links via blackboard. Class time will also be recorded for when you cant make it to class. 

✿  Weekly Zoom ID: 940 5542 9722 

✿ I am available via email at june.t.sanders@wsu.edu if you need to reach me or would like to set up an individual meeting.