Welcome to DTC 476 ⑇

This course will examine & unpack the term ‘digital literacy’. We will examine digital media history, research and critical engagement methods and standards, and contemporary media issues. We will look at issues of identity, ownership, power, surveillance, user experience & interaction, political & social discourse and the broader social and cognitive effects of digital media — within the realms of new media, social media, AI, gaming culture, UX & UI design, and other technological advances. We will also use this knowledge to theorize digital strategies and solutions to social issues via considerations of ethics, diversity, audience, and design.

Course Topics Include: Algorithms ✧ Emojis ✧ Meme Culture ✧ Digital Language ✧ Machine Learning ✧ Artifical Intellegence ✧ Media Ownership ✧ Commodification ✧ Augmented Reality ✧ The Internet of Things ✧ Surveillance 

✿ This page will be continually updated with important annoucements as the semester progresses. Links to course content are at the bottom of every page.

✿ Formal class time will take place via zoom every Tuesday & Thursday from 9:10 to 10:25 AM. Tuesdays will be lectures, discussions, and presentations. Thursdays will be asynchronous (with the occasonal individual meeting) and you are expected to do the weekly discussion board during class time.

Weekly Zoom ID971 1868 3101

✿ I am available via email at june.t.sanders@wsu.edu if you need to reach me or would like to set up an individual meeting.