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This workshop will serve as an exploration of intimate and collaborative portraiture.

This workshop will serve as a support and critique group.

This workshop will try to challenge all of us - in how to grow our practice and shift our thinking around image making and portraiture.  

This workshop will focus less on how to ‘get’ a good portrait & more on how to let one emerge naturally and with care and intention.

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Eyes / Shutter / Hands

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take -> make
shoot -> create
model -> collaborator
diversity -> equity
visibility -> impact
audience -> community


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What is a good portrait, beyond formal qualities and technical ability? 

How do I make a good portrait? What elements are included in that image?

Elle Perez

How do I care for people with a camera? 

How do I navigate communication and emotions while image making? w

Ian Lewandowski

What is the role of the artist, or art, in justice & survival politics?  

What is the difference between witnessing & documenting? 

John Edmonds

As we reach what we call a ‘tipping point’ in representation - what is photography’s emerging and evolving role?

How can I make instead of take?
What does collaboration actually look like?

Ty Healy

How can photography feel urgent? 

How can photography be a community based practice? A gift?

What is my community? What is in my lane? What isnt? 

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For next class - come with 1 new portrait that you made this week & a 1-2 paragraph reflection on the portrait-making. Your portrait can be film, digital, on your phone, etc. but should reflect a thoughtful and collaborative exchange.

Your reflection can be as straightforward or poetic as you’d like - but should also give you insight into the process and/or provide context for the exchange. It can be a poem, a text/email exchange with the collaborator, a descrption of the time spent together, etc. 

For next class we will all share our portraits and read our reflections outloud. 

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As we wrap up today - lets go around and ask a question we have about formal strategies or ways of going about making a portrait.

And see if we can’t pool our resources, tips, and experiences. 


How can photography feel urgent

How can photography feel urgent