June T Sanders is a trans artist, educator, writer,and curator from rural Washington State. She lives t/here still. She is an Assistant Professor (Career Track) with the Digital Technology & Culture program at Washington State University. 

Recent Press // Publications
Gallery One
Punch Projects
UConn Contemporary Art Galleries
Gonzaga University
Lawrence University
Longwood Center for the Arts
WSU Insider
The Spokanesman Review
Strange Fire Collective 
Humble Arts Foundation
The Spokesman Review (w/ Krista Brand)
Ginger Magazine
Leste Magazine
Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts
Urgency Reader (Queer Archives)
Vice Magazine

Instagram: @junetsanders
Email: june.t.sanders@wsu.edu
Mail: PO Box 222, Palouse, WA
Are.na: www.are.na/june-sanders
Current curatorial project: From Here On Out