Easy world
A solo exhibition by June T Sanders @ 
Kolva Sullivan Gallery, Spokane, WA, USA. 

Openining Reception: June 4th 5-8pm
Gallery Open on Fridays From 5-8pm and by Appt.


June T Sanders’s recent photographic work is an invitation to the limits of visibility. Through careful and collaborative moments combined with unreliable equipment - she constructs a landscape of bodies both shielded and confrontational. Her portraits are instances of endearment and discretion. A moment and an identity hinted towards but not fully captured.

What is imprecise about the images is also what lends them to expansion. What they do not reveal, or what they do not say, or what they do not adhere to. A ground for the viewer that they can not fully stand on. In these cases - a photograph is neither a document nor a replication of the world. It is a reflection of desire. A transformation and an assertion; a moment to transfigure.”